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Prof.Liu's group reported on the first field-controlled device with anti-ferromagnetic material topologically anomalous Hall effect at Nature Electronics
Release time:April 18, 2018/

Fig. 2 | Transport properties, lattice constant and magnetism of a 20-nm-thick Mn3Pt/BTO heterostructure. a, Crystal and room-temperature magnetic structure of cubic Mn3Pt. Grey atoms are Pt and blue atoms are Mn atoms. b, ρ–T curves between 300 and 400 K. c, Out-of-plane lattice constant of the Mn3Pt film as a function of temperature. d, AHE of the Mn3Pt film at various temperatures measured with magnetic fields applied out of plane. e, Zeromagnetic-
field anomalous Hall resistivity as a function of temperature. f, Average weak out-of-plane magnetic moment of Mn as a function of magnetic field at 300 and 365 K.  

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